Do you find makeovers exciting too? On this week’s To-Bookmark on interior design, here’s 5 of my favorite interior design site that feature makeovers. Don’t you just love that before and after process? Gosh, I feed on the thrill and anticipation of the process that and squealing to myself as the designers reveal the after shots. I’ve recently discovered that my interior style are slowly shifting from minimalism towards mid-century, modern eclectic decors and I’m embracing my inner maximalist thanks to these site. Curious on how to successfully makeover your space and how to mix and match colors cohesively without having to rely on white walls? I got you covered on this list!

To-Bookmark #1: Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate features a bunch of creative interior series on both their blog and youtube channel. In every episode, Kate gives effective and budget-friendly makeover tips for not only home but rental space and dorms as well. My #1 favorite series is their Office Goals where they show you their behind-the-scene process when they transitioned out of their old workspace into a new studio. Season 2 of Office Goals is a whole different story altogether. They use their magic to makeover creative workspaces on a budget. Oh, and did I tell you that
they painted their building from a bright orange to PINK in one of their office goal episode?! Their energy is so contagious, I swear.


To-Bookmark #2: Amber Interiors

Amber owns an interior design firm in LA, runs a retail shop and she’s been featured on HGTV and Elle Decor. Major girl crush! Her interior design power shines through makeover projects that she shares on her blog and her Instagram. Her writings are so inviting that makes you feel like she’s your interior bff as she takes you through her process. You can’t help but clap along with her as she nails projects after projects like when she transformed this living room that makes you want to soak in the sun with a cup of coffee.

To-Bookmark #3: Homewings Magazine

If you’re looking for more tips on how to make your space beautiful and functional, I think you’d definitely love Homewings Magazine. What I love about them is their commitment to make interior design services super easy to understand and make the process as convenient as they can (you can basically do everything online with them). Love me a good innovative company! While they do offer hard to resist design packages on the site, their Magazine is where they share their gems on styling your interior and you guess it, their before and after process for your inspiration. Like this one where they helped designed a London Lawyer’s home from scratch!

To-Bookmark #4: Apartment Therapy

Probably the holy grail of interior inspiration and even more so after they launched their youtube channel!! Their before and after section are filled with before photos that will make you so eager to click just to check out the after photos which kinda feel like unwrapping christmas gifts, to be honest. Basically, Apartment Therapy will want you to move your furniture around for at least a week (no? just me?) so bookmark with a lot of willpower!

To-Bookmark #5: Homepolish

Similar to Homewings, Homepolish is an interior design service that has an editorial online magazine where they share before and after processes by their designers. Their customers include Karlie Kloss and one of my favorite blogger where I discovered Homepolish, the Manrepeller. What makes them a unique online interior design service is including in-home consultations to make sure their results are curated to the max for their clients. The result? Mouthwatering makeovers like when one of their Designer turned a tiny 500 square space into an enviable cozy home my favorite piece to date.

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